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Preferential Bidding System Q & A & Myth 3

"My company already uses PBS, this is not my concern anymore."
Wrong, PBS from different vendors are so different in performance and every aspect you can think of. Most of them use the method named assign and swap. You, your colleagues, and the company suffer years ever since.

"Will PBS go wrong?"
Absolutely, it may go wrong and very wrong. A bad performance PBS, disagreeable rules and contracts between company and crewmembers, poor training, and crappy vendor services all contribute to the failure of PBS. Once adapted, it is hard to change.

"Will PBS save the company money? How much?"
An efficient way to operate airlines certainly reduce cost. With PBS implemented correctly, it is about 5% to 7% saving on the crew (comparing with bid-line system) plus the operation cost reduction due to its simplified process. Be advised that, each case is different, ask the vendors to perform a benchmark test.

"How much a PBS cost?"
Based upon the size of the total crew members, the more crew members the cheaper average price you get. Different cases may result in different prices. Usually, on average, it only costs couple dollars (less then $5 US dollars) per crew member per month. Besides, the PBS brings you saving on company operations.

"Who offers PBS?"
AIMS, AOS (Advanced Optimization Systems), CrewingSolutions, Jeppesen/CarmenSystems, Kronos/Ad-Opt, Kernel-Software, Navtech/Airware, Sabre/Flightline etc. Try to get the reference from their PBS crewplanners and crewmembers.

"What if I have question about "
Just email us. Be an educated customer.

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