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Preferential Bidding System Q & A & Myth 2

"Company uses PBS to force us covering more credit."
The simple math is the average credit is the total credit (of the bid month pairings plus the pre-assignments) divided by total crewmembers. PBS cannot change the math. In the bid line system, it just cannot construct high credit line due to the conflict. Your high credit is a result of not enough crewmembers. Under the condition of "not enough crewmembers", "covering all (or most) pairings" and "honoring your low credit preference" are two conflict goals to PBS. PBS has to award high credit lines from the bottom (most junior) up to cover all pairings. How to balance them is up to your union and the company. "Having the ability of constructing high credit legal lines" is not a fault, but an ability, of the PBS.

"PBS may award my preferred pairings to junior for overall coverage reason."
No, PBS should not do that, it violates seniority. However, to solve overall coverage, PBS will force you (and everyone junior than you) to work on certain days, if the pairings you like serve those days and legal to cover, it is certainly yours. PBS should not keep, for example, those one-day or certain type of pairings just for using as fillers for the junior lines to solve overall solution.

"What is the PBS overall satisfaction rate should be?" (in a normal month.)
It is hard to say with so many "bad" bidding styles. Some use instruction style bidding. Some "guide" bidders to bid left-over.
Under the assumption of everyone submit his/her best interest, top one third should get all preferred, middle one third should get half of most preferred, and bottom one third should get some preferred.

"As a junior crew member, what should I expect if using PBS."
You probably won't have weekends off as a line holder, you need to work on every Thanksgivings and Christmas. Seniority is everything not just very true in PBS, but also true in Bid Line system. However, you should be awarded with your specific days off, preferred layover cities, credit hours, etc. Or being awarded as reserve for those important days off.

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