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Preferential Bidding System Q & A & Myth

"Most airlines will have PBS. It is mostly for management benefit."
PBS is coming, it is an efficient way to operate the airlines. Crewmembers should actively lead the company, negotiate the rules, and select the PBS vendor they like. Implement it correctly benefits both crewmembers and the company.

"PBS only benefits senior crewmembers."
In our experience, after the first year of using our PBS, 85% of our bidders voted yes. (Survey sample: 4000 crewmembers of all seniority levels; Survey replied: 40%) They fly the pairings they like (and less sick calls, too.)

"Cannot bid line holder and reserve alternatively in PBS."
AOS PBS allows bidders to bid them alternatively and dynamically. A junior crewmember may be quite "senior" as a reserve, and he/she can bid reserve mixed with his/her line holder preferences as asking specific reserve line or specific reserve off days. For example, if cannot get the off days as a line holder, then can be awarded the days off as a reserve. In AOS PBS, there is no need to pre-define who are the line holders before awarding.

"PBS is hard to learn and bid it correctly."
It is bidding in the dark. Just don't know what you are going to get, what to looking for. The instruction style commands and weighting approach is confusing. Well, it is true if you use those PBS. With our pairing pools and layers concept, graphic interfaces, and real-time statistics, and without instruction style commands and weighting approach, you can certainly learn it in 20 minutes.

"An interactive PBS that tells what you have after removing seniors preferred pairings is better than conventional 'bid and wait result' approach."
Only looking at seniors preferences to define your line is totally outdated. It achieves the lowest overall satisfaction. And, it encourages you to bid un-optimized left-over pairings. This kind approach just likes a line builder and you wait to manually build your line after all the seniors built their lines. In contrast, with our global optimization, AOS PBS considers all your juniors' preferences and award the best line to you (awarding the best fit without compromising your best interest).

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