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What our customers say about AOS

"Once again you have shown America West that AOS is truly a company of professionals that are dedicated to their customers and willing to take quick action to help resolve problems in time of need. Thank you all."
- Mark Rhodes, Sr. Specialist-Crew Planning and Analysis, America West Airlines.

" We have had the ACOS in operation for approximately 4 years (since 2001), and they have performed exceptionally for us from the beginning. We value the close relationship we have developed with AOS, and greatly appreciate the help provided by them as our operations have changed and evolved into where we are today..."
- Juan P. Norat, Sr. Analyst, American Eagle Airlines.

" The AOS Pairing Generator and Bid Lines program gave Continental the speed and flexibility to not only reproduce HIGH QUALITY pairing and line solutions in a matter of days, but also the ability to do feasibility studies during rebuilding process. AOS gives Continental the ability to respond to change, whether it is from a schedule adjustment or a contractual change."
- Todd Brain, Manager-Crew Planning, Continental Airlines.

"I enjoy the flexibility of the AOS system. I started with the same marketing schedule then manipulated a few cost-saving "tweaks" to demonstrate some scenarios. Amazing how quickly the answers come back! With AOS I was able to present pairing solutions, fully cost out and optimized, less than 24 hours later."
- Stephen Siracusa, Crew Planner, Air Wisconsin.

"There are many crew pairing optimization systems to choose from. AOS uses the newest global algorithm techniques to produce the lowest cost solution. What sets AOS apart from other software providers is their excellent customer service. They treat you like family versus a problem they have to deal with. The implementation of the software was on time and seamless."
- Karen Biesiadka, Manager-Crew Planning, Alaska Airlines.

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