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Advanced Optimization Systems, Inc. (AOS)
With Integrated Crew Planning System


As a software product provider, with the goal to promote our products, AOS offers free benchmark test runs based upon prospective customer's flight schedules. The benchmark test runs include pairings, lines (Bid lines or PBS), and reserve lines. The results will be provided with AOS standard readable reports detailing information of pairings and lines, as well as statistical information. It is also possible to have the results in electronic formats, which allows a prospective customer to upload the pairings and/or the lines to its existing crew management system. Prospective customers can compare the results with its own or other vendor's to justify the project with us.

AOS' Benchmark test runs may be performed in front of planners at prospective customer's office, AOS' customer service office, or through web online meeting. In this way, the planners will have a clear idea how our products solve the problems. We also offers a demonstration in a test environment ( with test schedules, test bids, test rules, etc). Prospective customers may have an overview of our products without the effort of preparing any test data. There is no cost, no commitment or any obligation needed for the benchmark test run.

All of our products are ready to deliver and can be purchased or leased. Short-term production-run service is also available.

Once a prospective client becomes our customer, under maintenance contract, AOS offers free updates of the software and free technical support with dedicated personnel. We offer two major implementations of new rules per year at no additional cost. The same rule with different values is not considered a new rule which can be defined by the planner him/herself. Most customers never need to implement new rules. Almost all the rules have already been developed and programmed for use.

To provide the airline industry with crew planning software products that deliver performances and promised benefits plus first class customer support.