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Automated Report Module (RM)

The Report Module is integrated with AOS' Pairing and Line Optimizers to create crewmember readable hard copy reports according to the customer's specified format, which can be adapted directly in each month's bid packages. In addition, it reads pairing and line solutions to generate consolidated information for hotel letters, meal schedules, limo pick-up schedules, and deadhead reports for all fleets, domiciles, and layover stations based on the specific logic provided by the customer. The result can then be sent to a printer or loaded onto a website.

  • Produce crew readable pairing report with scheduled crew meals and hotels information.
  • Produce crew readable bid line report with information of associated pairings.
  • Produce consolidated hotel letters and limo pick-up schedules.
  • Produce consolidated deadheads report for all flights.
  • Easily maintained hotel files.
  • Export files with customized formats.
  • Fully automated process.

All AOS products are designed to interface with the customer's existing crew management system at no extra cost. Specifically, the Report Module creates all customized reports with one-click operation and gives the customers an option to use AOS product output files directly which is a valuable add-on to AOS products.

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