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With Integrated Crew Planning System

Product Suite
Integrated Crew Planning System (ICPS)

AOS offers a complete product suite, Integrated Crew Planning System (ICPS), to resolve the crew planning challenge. All products are completely integrated. Starting with marketing schedules and manpower requirements including positions and languages, the ICPS solves the pairings optimization problem, constructs lines conforming to either traditional Bid Lines or Preferential Bidding, generates reports (hotel letters, meals, limo pick-ups, deadhead reports, etc.) and loads the solutions directly into the customer's existing crew management system.

Product Strength
  • Fast run time that allows users to exercise different approaches/scenarios.
  • Automated process and easy to use with tools to analyze the problems.
  • Provide optimized solutions with the control of costs and qualities.
  • On time delivery, low transition cost and effective on-site training.
  • Running on Microsoft® Windows® based desktops, notebooks, and servers.
  • Low maintenance cost and free update.
  • Free first class technical support with dedicated personnel.

To provide the airline industry with crew planning software products that deliver performances and promised benefits plus first class customer support.