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Graphical Pairing Editor (PE)

The Pairing Editor is a graphical tool used for viewing and editing a pairing solution. The colorful and detail oriented point-and-click editor lets users visualize pairings and open time in a calendar for further editing. The editor can also compare the solution against a different schedule and automatically repair pairings due to schedule changes. During editing, the legality of the pairing is determined immediately and if there is a violation, an error message is shown. The Pairing Editor delivers sophisticated functionality with ease of use.

  • Provide pairing/legs searching and sorting capability.
  • Drag-and-drop with real-time legality evaluation.
  • Use base domicile time, local time or GMT as user's options.
  • Compare pairings against new schedule and auto repair broken pairings.
  • Expand daily to weekly, and weekly to fully-dated pairings.

The Pairing Editor contains features that quickly finds legs for replacement, marks pairings through various criteria so only specific pairings are shown, and sorts the pairings to inspect higher cost pairings. It is a tool that ultimately gives the crew planner a more complete understanding of the pairing problem, which will result in building a better solution. This program is fully integrated with ACOS.

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