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Bid Line Optimization Software System (BOSS)

In BOSS, AOS has implemented Global Optimization which delivers to planners the flexibility to build the kinds of lines they want. The planner can control line quality (turn trips, weekend-off trips, number of off-days, report times, pairing types, cadence, etc) and their distribution as well as line averages while covering all pairings. Once the planner has determined the desired qualities and targets, the strategy can be saved into a template, and then used for auto generation process. It offers choices of different kinds of pre-built bid lines for crewmembers that traditional bid line generators can never offer.

  • Produce high quality line solutions.
  • Optimize on cadence, purity, report/release time, duty on/off in a work block, weekday/weekend duty, and pairing mixture.
  • Cover all pairings (planner can relax or added quality).
  • Comply with government regulations and company/union contracts.
  • User controls quality preferences.
  • Easy-to-use with auto generation process and graphical line editor.

The graphic line editor gives the planner the ability to browse the pairings, edit existing lines and build lines manually. "Those little changes that crewmembers must have are made easily with the editor." Additional features include line swapping, line sorting, auto fill of open time and carry-in. The legality of lines will be checked immediately upon changes. This easy-to-use line editor delivers sophisticated functionality to complement the Line Optimizers, BOSS and APBS.

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