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What is Preferential Bidding System ?

PBS Core Algorithms

[Forward Looking]
This algorithm is used in conjunction with greedy algorithm to improve overall satisfaction.

"Forward Looking" means considering the junior crewmembers' preferences when awarding a senior crewmember. It happens when there are many equally important best legal lines for the senior crewmember. It awards the best legal line, which consists of the least impacted pairings, the least preferred pairings from junior crewmembers' point of view.

In addition, if a junior crewmember bids specific pairings, the core reserves those pairings in a pool and tries not to award them to senior crewmembers unless it is absolutely necessary to fulfill the senior crewmembers' preferences. Most of the time, the pairings reserved for the junior crewmembers are no longer available when awarding the junior crewmembers.

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