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Advanced Preferential Bidding System (APBS)

The APBS is a web-interfaced preferential bidding system using proven technology and innovative breakthrough algorithms. It utilizes Global Optimization to achieve the highest overall crew satisfaction, control open time while guaranteeing seniority. The system generates a huge number of preferred legal lines for each crewmember, and selects a global solution which maximizes the overall crew satisfaction and company goals. This solution is then used as a guideline to select the best fit from the best lines for each crewmember in seniority order. No other approach comes close to achieving similar results.

  • Highest overall crew satisfaction.
  • Consider all crewmembers’ preferences and company goals by global optimization.
  • Submit preferences and query pairings by any browser with internet access.
  • No first come first serve concept, no stacking/back-forward tracking and no incapable swapping and shuffling algorithm.
  • No complicated and limited weighted/pointed bidding/solving methodology.

Preferences are grouped in the priority layers defined by crewmembers. During the awarding process, the APBS will try to award the line based on the pairings that meet all the preferences from the first layer. If the layer cannot construct a legal line, it adds the pairings which meet the preferences of the next layer and then tries to award again. Crewmembers can also select to start a new layer if the system generates no legal line in the previous layer.

The qualified pairings and bar charts of each layer are displayed immediately, which guides crewmembers to tailor their preferences accordingly and correctly.

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