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Automated Crew Optimization System (ACOS)

As the most widely used pairing optimizer for solving large-scale crew planning problems in North America, ACOS delivers unparalleled performance from a personal computer. Its sophisticated yet efficient algorithm takes a Global Optimization approach and produces high quality pairing solutions that meet government and contractual requirements as well as constraints set by the crew planners. Since its first installation in 1992, ACOS has incorporated most of the work rules and essential requirements from the airline industry. Its performance, flexibility and ease of use assure the most cost-effective and high quality results to our customers in any type of economic cycle.

  • Minimize crew costs including hotels and deadheads.
  • Balance crew cost, productivity and quality of life.
  • Solve domestic, international, and augmented crew problems.
  • Comply with government regulations and company/union contracts.
  • Easy to use, flexible and automated.
  • Effectively resolve the last minute schedule or man power changes.
  • Export pairing solutions to downstream system.
  • Easily conduct what-if analysis.

In addition to Global Optimization, ACOS' unique ability of solving different types and sizes of crew schedules, while producing low cost and high quality results, is the true strength of ACOS. It has established its reputation and is the leading product in the airline industry. ACOS is the foundation of our top quality software and services.

To provide the airline industry with crew planning software products that deliver performances and promised benefits plus first class customer support.